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Let us help you to brake the ice with a fun, dynamic, easy and unforgetable dance session for your:

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Welcome to the dance session of your life! We are ready to help youwith your casual or traditional first dance as a husband and wife ... let's make your first dance a memorable moment!





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Group Classes

The benefits of this kind of sessions are:


Dance technique

This class will introduce you to the basic elements of  dance in general. All ages and levels are together. It is challenging but fun!!
This class also offers a number of exercises including  the use of body mechanics, musicality, distinctive techniques to help you become a better dancer: walks, arm  and head actions, hip rotations with hypnotic rhythm, giros, flicks, ganchos, balance, strengthening of posture, coordination, shines, synchronization, boleos, sacadas, etc. All this followed by partnership exercise and sequence steps.
In our studio you will learn in a relax and non competitive atmosphere. Be sexy, be fun, be you. Lots of laughing in our class!!

Public in general pay kr. 450  per person/two hours.



Dance aerobics

Danse-aerobicIt is an exciting, healthy, safe and motivating way to get in shape and stay fit.  Each course class includes: warm up, cardio-dance, body strength exercise (abdominals, legs, buttocks, thighs), cool down and ends with a relaxing stretch session.  A great way to lose weight, improve fitness, posture, coordination, reflexes and develop artistry expression.

Dance Aerobics can accommodate various age and fitness levels because allows participants to progress at their own speed.

The pay off exercising dance aerobics is that whatever dance you chose: Afro-Latin-Caribbean-American, Modern Standard, Swing, Tango or a combination of all of them, you burn 365 calories per dance class which represents to burn 6 calories a minute or 47.4 gram weight lost or 9125 steps (25 steps per every burned calorie) or 6. 30 Km. walk.

Public in general pay kr. 150  per person/per time.



PartyWe start with a group class just to warm up a little bit at kl 20.00 and we continue with  our Party until we close. This kind of activity will be announced on our website, newspaper and internet to the public and our students. We plan  carefully our parties to assure the participation of all our students. It is a great experience for everybody to practice what they have learn and how to dance in a crowded dance floor. The instructor will be always on site to  help you to remember some dance steps or even introduce you to new dance steps. In an informal, fun and relaxing environment.


Every party has a different themes: